Monday, February 22, 2016

Doug Schuetz

Doug Schuetz:

'via Blog this'

Hello Blog, remember me?   Goal in 2016 is to crank this up again.    Had my best live theater adventure ever last weekend and saw three shows.    THE FLICK at Steppenwolf.  My kind of show with super long "real" Pauses.  Added up to three hours of show.  Yikes.  I saw the movie theater set swept up about 8 times by the cast.  Wow.      There were silences in that show to challenge even Pinter Pauses.   I bet they had to count to themselves offstage in order to not go on too fast.   Now I have to read the script.  Oh there it is---been on my shelf for about a year.

Saw Godspell and another show about the Holocaust.    One more week and then DEAD MAN WALKING starts to rehearsing.   Really excited, saw an interview with Tim Robbins last night.  He's my age.  Ugh.  Done a few more things than me, but can't worry about it.