Roles & Training

Doug Schuetz

Theater (selected roles)

Good Thing     John Roy   Poor Theatre    Dir.  Will Crouse
Leading Ladies       Doc Myers   (Buffalo Theater Ensemble)  Dir. Kurt Naebig
Night of the Iguana  Understudy Fahrenkopf , Jake Latta (The Artistic Home)
The Earth Is to Be Flattened: Edgar (The Artistic Home) Dir. Frank Nall
Guys and Dolls: Sky Masterson (CenterStage in Lake Forest)
Once Upon a Mattress: Wizard (CenterStage in Lake Forest)
Mame: Mr. Upson (CenterStage in Lake Forest)  Dir. Wayne Mell
Rounding Third: Michael (CenterStage in Lake Forest)
HONK! Bull Frog (CenterStage in Lake Forest)
Odd Couple: Oscar (CenterStage in Lake Forest)
The Heidi Chronicles: Scoop Jackson (CenterStage in Lake Forest)

Future shows:   Doubting Thomas at Clockwise Theatre Waukegan IL as Pastor Bob


Deprived: Roger (Mike Horky)
Pretty Endings: (Joseph Murphy)

Voice Over

A Sicilian Odyssey: Narration (Jenna Constantine)
DEMO Coming Soon!!


Fresh Brain Ideas     Conflict List Available on Request


Rocking the TV Callback                         Matt Miller
Acting Studio Chicago
Virtual Showcase August 2013                Matt Miller   Click to access Virtual Showcase
           pw: show2013
Adv Scene Study: PINTER                      Kathy Scambiatterra         
The Artistic Home
On Camera Workout                                Matt Miller
Second City
On Camera III
Acting Studio Chicago                                Rachael Patterson
 On Camera II                                            Chris Agos                 
Acting Studio Chicago

MEISNER TRAINING Tech I-II –III      Kathy Scambiatterra           
The Artistic  Home
On Camera I                                              Doug McDade                   
Acting Studio Chicago
Monologue Study                                       Kurt Naebig               
Acting Studio Chicago
Voice Over Coaching                                Marc Cashman             
Stevenson Ranch,CA  
Tooned In Animation  VO Workshop     Stevie Vallance                
Tooned in Workshops

Improvisation                                             Don DePollo                          
The Second City


BA (DRAMA) Stanford University,  Stanford, CA

Special Skills    

Camping, canoeing, animation character voices, fisherman, hunting, firearms,
singing, children’s theater, golf, power tools, basic sports skills, biking, cooking and barbecue.   
Church of the Holy Spirit Sr. Choir  (Don Horisberger) 3 Resident Choir Tours to England